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lungemedicin webbilleder 58 optDansk Lungemedicinsk Selskab formål er at arbejde for optimal behandling, forebyggelse og forskning blandt mennesker med lungesygdomme. Dette opnås ved at sikre kvalitet i uddannelse, forskning, samarbejde og tværfaglighed.

Dansk Lungemedicinsk Selskab har repræsentanter i Danmarks Lungeforening og indgår i Dansk Selskab for Intern Medicin (DSIM) samt European Respiratory Society.

fb artDansk Lungemedicinsk Selskab har mere end 10 stående udvalg indenfor f.eks. telemedicin, retningslinjer m.m. og deltager med repræsentanter i forskellige udvalg under Sundhedsstyrelsen. Foreningen af Yngre Lungemedicinere, som repræsenterer næste generation af lungemedicinske speciallæge, er organiseret under Dansk Lungemedicinsk Selskab.

Dansk Lungemedicinsk Selskab er det faglige selskab for dig, som vil skabe bedre vilkår for vore lungepatienter nu og i fremtiden.

Næste Årsmøde:  26.-27, 2021 november. Odense | Invitation | Tilmelding | Program | Dagsorden generalforsamling |  Livestreaming link (2020)

 FYL årsmøde 25 November, Odense

Emner: KOL, Erhvervsrelaterede Lungesygdomme, Uddannelse og rekruttering, Lungefysiologi og søvnapnø, Interstitiel Lungesygdom


In many ways, 2017 marks a remarkable year in the Nordic History of Medicine. In May-June, the XXVIth Nordic Medical History Congress will take place in Uppsala, Sweden, and on 4 November the still active Danish Medical-Historical Society (DMHS) will celebrate its 100 years anniversary. 

The latter in the form of a DMHS full-day seminar in Copenhagen, partly at Medical Museion with presentations and a guided special anniversary tour, partly at a historical seminar venue with parallel sessions about state-of-the-art both Danish and Nordic History of Medicine topics, all related to a selected few chairmen and board members of the DMHS and their scientific interests. A Gala Dinner will wrap up this unique day the best way possible. Read more below...   

Nordic History of Medicine
After 1900, a few national societies for the History of Medicine were organised: The German in 1901, the French in 1902, the ltalian in 1910, the British in 1912, and the Belgian in 1918.

However, 1917 marked the milestone for Nordic History of Medicine. Sweden has had its medical-historical association for quite some time already, while Denmark, Norway, and Finland all formed similar societies this very year.

On 31 May 1917, a meeting was held in Copenhagen for Danish enthusiasts of history within the areas of philology, pharmacy, science and medicine. Pharmacist Christian Dannesboe-Andersen (1876-1957, employed to Gammeltorv Pharmacy in Copenhagen), Kristian Carøe (1851-1921, school physician), John William Johnsson (1868-1929, general practitioner), Vilhelm Maar (1871-1940, physiologist and internal physician, professor of history of medicine in 1916), and Hans Ræder (1869-1959, classical scholar, dr. phil.) were the founding fathers of the Danish Medical-Historical Society. 

Its objective was to gather all those interested in the historical aspects of medicine and related sciences, and its raison d'être was to serve as an organisational vehicle for a variety of medical-related topics and studies. Finally, to offer a platform for sharing and dissemination of knowledge.

The Initial DMHS Meetings
On Monday 22 October 1917, the DMHS arranged its first meeting. Prof. Dr. phil. in archaeology Christian Blinkenberg gave an initial presentation on "Helenekilde in the light of changing times", and Prof. Dr. med. in pathology Carl Julius Salomonsen reported on "A typhoid card". The latter mentioned was – together with Thorvald Madsen – one of the initiators of the creation of Statens Serum Institut (SSI). All interested (with accompanying ladies) were welcome.   

On 10 December 1917, the second meeting was held. Prof. and ear specialist Holger Mygind lectured on the "Pompeian Private House Hygiene". The gathering also included a general meeting, followed by the very first DMHS executive board meeting. V. Maar, H. Ræder, Prof. Salomonsen, and JW Johnsson participated. Accordingly, Carl Julius Salomonsen, who turned 70 on 6 December 1917, was praised and celebrated as chairman in a Danish Medical Journal editorial. Prof. Salomonsen kept this position until 1924.

100 Years of Service

As mentioned above, the DMHS will arrange a full-day seminar in November 2017. We would like to give the event a European sense of belonging, and we hope to see as many of you as possible at the seminar. 

Please pre-reserve the whole day 4 November 2017 right away. More information will follow on the website and on Facebok. Feel free to join the conversations about the History of Medicine.  


On behalf of the DMHS Executive Board,

Ulrik Bak Kirk, board member and historian

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