Spirometry knowledge and basic skills

European spirometry training programme – Part 1

Thursday, March 1st 2018 10:00-18:30 or

Friday, March 2nd 2018 10:00-18:30

Copenhagen, Denmark

Aims: The aim of Part 1 “Spirometry Knowledge and Skills” is to ensure that participants acquire the knowledge and basic skills in spirometry best practice. The training programme is designed to cover the theory required to pass the Level I knowledge test and equip participants with the skills needed to perform spirometric tests and successfully complete a Spirometry workbook, including spirometry assignments, calibration logs, and a portfolio of spirometry tests.


10:00    Introduction

  1. Madsen and B. Hanel

10:10    Anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology required for spirometry: short summary

  1. Mortensen

10:30  Definitions of spirometric values: short summary

  1. Hanel

11:10  Spirometry equipment

  1. Mortensen

11:45  Break

12:05  Indications and contraindications of spirometry testing

  1. Munkholm and J. Mortensen

12:15  Quality assurance theory

  1. Madsen

12:30  Evaluation of spirometric results

  1. Sidenius

13:15    Lunch


14:00    Overview of part II, completion and submission of the ERS spirometry workbook

  1. F. Madsen


 14:30    Introduction to EDUCATIONAL SKILLS WORKSHOP

  1. Hanel and J. Mortensen

The EDUCATIONAL SKILLS WORKSHOP will run simultaneously and participants will be divided into 4 groups and rotate workshops

Workstation 1 - Spirometers – demonstration of how different types of spirometers work and how to clean and maintain them

  1. Mortensen and experts of applications

Workstation 2 - Evaluation of spirometric results: review spirometry results through case studies

  1. K. Sidenius

Workstation 3 – Spirometry - how to perform a spirometric test, implement safety measures, and select the best values

  1. Hanel and M. Munkholm

Workstation 4 - Calibration and quality control - how to calibrate different devices and perform biological control procedures

  1. Madsen and M. Christensen

14:40    Educational skills workshop

15:30    Educational skills workshop

16:15    Break

16:30    Educational skills workshop

17:20    Educational skills workshop

18:05    Round off and sandwich

18:30    Departure