Knowledge and Competence in Spirometry Measurement
European Spirometry Training Programme - Part 2

Friday, October 5th 2018, 10:00-19:00
Copenhagen, Denmark

Target audience:

Those who completed:
Training course on spirometry knowledge and basic skills – Part 1
ERS spirometry online knowledge test
The ERS spirometry workbook


09:00 *Evaluation of workbooks: individual arrivals and appointments with mentor

10:00 Welcome and introduction
F. Madsen and B. Hanel

10:15 Technique for performing spirometry
B. Hanel

10:50 Test criteria
B. Hanel, M. Munkholm, and J. Mortensen

11:20 Spirometry Service Management - Module 8
F. Madsen
Understand the importance of keeping all results stored safely and accessible to health care users
Perform and record infection control procedures
Perform and record quality control procedures
Awareness of audit processes and self-assessment of the spirometry service to ensure sufficient clinical skills are maintained and quality is upheld
Plan and ensure consumables for spirometry service (mouthpieces, nose-clips, paper) and ensure routine maintenance of equipment


B. Hanel and J. Mortensen
The 3 EDUCATIONAL SKILLS WORKSHOPS will run simultaneously and participants will be divided into 3 groups and rotate workshops

Workstation 2 - Evaluation of Spirometric Results - Module 7
K. Sidenius
Small group with hands-on learning and case-study presentations
Use of educational materials and workbooks to evaluate spirometric results

Workstation 3 - Technique for performing spirometry - Module 5
B. Hanel, M. Munkholm, and J. Mortensen
Administer spirometric tests
Prepare equipment
Practice testing technique
Recognise pitfalls of spirometry and methods to improve testing technique
Recognise improperly performed manoeuvres

Workstation 4 - Quality Assurance and lnfection Control - Module 6
F. Madsen and M. Christensen
Lectures and use of handout
Problem-solve issues relating to calibration and verification
Calibration and verification check of equipment
Recognition of abnormal traces due to technical or patient errors
Practical test


11:55 Educational skills workshop

12:45 *Lunch and individual arrivals and appointments with mentor

13:30 Educational skills workshop

14:20 Educational skills workshop

15:10 *Coffee break and individual arrivals and appointments with mentor

15:25 Final questions and answers session
J. Mortensen

15:35 *Coffee break and individual arrivals and appointments with mentor

*All participants will meet with their mentor at the time and location they have been informed


15:55 Test of competence in Spirometry practice
Chair: F. Madsen
All faculty
Individual assessment test
Each participant will complete the practical assessment (30 minutes per participant – up to six assessments will be performed simultaneously)

18:55 Departure

In case of re-examination this will be scheduled at approx. 19.15 hrs.