ESDL Step-by-step

ERS (European Respiratory Society)

Spirometry Training Programme

Copenhagen 2018

This page provides a step-by-step guide to complete the European Spirometry training programme.


Step 1: Attend the postgraduate course and educational skills workshop in Copenhagen March 1st or 2nd 2018

Those who have registered to attend the course will one month prior to Part 1 receive a unique access code to the ERS spirometry website; the code is valid for 12 months. The website is designed to help all participants prepare for the ERS spirometry training programme. The content follows each of the modules within the course covering important background information on spirometry.

Step 2: Online test

Each participant will receive a link to the online knowledge test after attending the postgraduate course and workshop. Participants will be expected to complete the online MCQ test within 4 weeks of attending the course and will have a total of 3 attempts to complete the test. All participants will be given access to the ERS spirometry website. On this website, participants will have access to content for each of the 8 modules, as well as access to an online knowledge test in English.

Step 3: ERS certificate: Part 1 of the ERS spirometry driving licence

Upon successful completion of the test, participants can generate an online certificate to confirm that they have passed the knowledge test and have been awarded Part 1 (theory only) certificate of the ERS spirometry driving licence.


All participants must fully complete the ERS spirometry workbook before attending Part 2 of the

European Spirometry training programme.


Participants will be required to attend Part 2 of the training programme, which will be held in Copenhagen October 5th 2018. This course will cover modules in knowledge and competence in spirometry measurement. Details on how to register will be given after Part 1.

Those who successfully pass the practical assessment and ERS workbook will be awarded Part 2 of the ERS Spirometry Driving Licence (ESDL), knowledge and competence in spirometry measurement.

For more information on the European Spirometry Training Programme please visit