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Manchester Interstitial Lung Diseases
Fra Onsdag, 04 Marts 2020 -  08:45
Til Torsdag, 05 Marts 2020 - 16:00
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Tilmelding | pdf Program (310 KB)


Day 1 : Wednesday 4th March 2020

8.45 – 9.00 Registration

9.00– 9.10 Welcome and Introduction : Dr Rayid Abdulqawi

Session 1 Chair : Dr Colm Leonard (Manchester)

9.10 – 9.30 Overview of Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) classification :

Dr Ian Forrest (Newcastle)

9.30 – 10.20 High-Resolution Computer Tomography (HRCT) masterclass –

How to interpret HRCT : Dr Melanie Greaves (Manchester)

10.20 – 10.50 Coffee/Tea Break

Session 2 ILDs of known causes : Chair: Dr Pilar Rivera Ortega (Manchester)

10.50 – 11.30 Connective Tissue Disease related-ILD :

Dr Rachel Hoyles (Oxford)

11.30 – 12.10 Occupational ILD : Dr Jenny Hoyle (Manchester)

12.10 – 12.40 Drug Induced ILD : Dr Nazia Chaudhuri (Manchester)

12.40 – 13.20 Chronic Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis :

Dr Elizabeth Renzoni (London)

13.20 - 14.20 Lunch Break

Session 3 Chair : Ian Forrest (Newcastle)

14.20 – 15.50

Multidisciplinary team (MDT) cases - ILDs of known cause :

Dr Anjali Crawshaw (Birmingham)

Dr Rebecca Duerden (Thoracic Radiologist, Manchester)

Dr Angeles Montero (Pathologist, Manchester).

15.50 – 16.30 ANCA associated vasculitis : Dr Sahena Haque (Manchester)

16.30 – 17.10 Familial Interstitial Lung Diseases :

Dr Maria Molina-Molina (Barcelona)

17.10 - 17.15 Close : Dr Rayid Abdulqawi

Day 2 : ThurSday 5th March 2020

Session 4 Chair : Dr Nazia Chaudhuri (Manchester)

9.00 – 9.40 ILD Year in Review and Horizon Scanning : Dr Simon Hart (Hull)

9.40 – 10.20 Lung Transplantation in ILD : Dr Mo Al-Aloul (Manchester)

10.20 – 11.00 Palliative care in ILD : Dr Sabrina Bajwah (London)

11.00 – 11.30 Coffee/Tea Break

Session 5 ILDs of unknown cause.

Chair : Dr George Margaritopoulos (Manchester)

11.30 – 12.10 IPF : Dr Paul Beirne (Leeds)

12.10 – 12.50 Other Idiopathic ILD’s: Idiopathic NSIP and iCOP………or is it…? :

Dr Lisa Spencer (Liverpool)

12.50 - 13.30 Sarcoidosis : Professor Athol Wells (London)

13.30 – 14.30 Lunch Break

Session 6 Rare ILDs. Chair : Dr Rayid Abdulqawi (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

14.30 – 15.00 Cystic lung disease : Dr Simon Johnson (Nottingham)

15.00 - 16.00

Multidisciplinary team (MDT) cases : ILDs of unknown cause :

Dr Shaney Barratt (Bristol), Dr Klaus Irion (Thoracic Radiologist,

Manchester) and Dr Angeles Montero (Pathologist, Manchester)

16.00 Close : Dr Nazia Chaudhuri


Speakers Biography

Dr Rayid Abdulqawi is a consultant respiratory physician practising in Riyadh,

Saudi Arabia and an honorary senior lecturer at the University of Manchester. He

completed his core medical and respiratory medicine training in the West Midlands.

Under the supervision of Prof Jacky Smith and Prof Ashley Woodcock, he performed

a PhD project investigating mechanisms of chronic cough. Following the award

of his CCT in 2015, he was appointed as a consultant in respiratory and general

internal medicine in Wolverhampton. Subsequently, he worked as a respiratory

consultant with a special interest in ILD at Wythenshawe Hospital. He practises

now in Saudi Arabia. He is the founder of the Manchester Interstitial Lung Diseases

Meeting, which started in 2017.

Dr Mo Al-Aloul is a Consultant Respiratory and Transplant Physician at Manchester

University NHS Foundation Trust.

Dr Sabrina Bajwah is a Clinical Senior Lecturer at King’s College London and an

Honorary Consultant in Palliative Care. Dr Bajwah has been a member of the NICE

Quality Standards Committee for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and has also been a

member of the Emergency Oxygen Guideline Group for the British Thoracic Society

and Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis clinical and research advisory committees for the

British Lung Foundation. She now works clinically within the palliative care team at

King’s Health Partners, London and runs the first interstitial lung disease palliative

care clinic in the UK whilst continuing to drive forward respiratory palliative care

research. She has been awarded a number of National Institute of Health Research

grants to continue her interstitial lung disease research. She is a world leader in ILD

palliative care research.

Dr Shaney Barratt is a Consultant Respiratory Physician at North Bristol NHS

Trust, Bristol and holds an honorary Associate Researcher position at the University

of Bristol. She originally qualified in medicine from Nottingham University and

completed her respiratory training in the South West of England. She completed her

PhD in 2016 under the supervision of Professor Ann Millar, having been awarded a

Wellcome Research Training Fellowship in 2011. She was appointed as a respiratory

consultant in 2016 with a specialist interest in ILD. She is building research

collaborations in her areas of interest in Connective Tissue disease-associated ILD

and Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis.

Dr Paul Beirne has been clinical lead for the Leeds ILD service since 2007. The

Leeds service provides tertiary referral ILD services to a population of

approximately 3.5 million. He has served on the BTS ILD Specialty Advisory group.

He is the Principal Investigator in Leeds on a number of clinical trials in IPF and

other ILDs.

Dr Nazia Chaudhuri is a respiratory physician and the clinical lead for the

interstitial lung disease (ILD) service at the Manchester University NHS Foundation

Trust (MFT). She is an honorary senior lecturer at the University of Manchester.

She is also deputy Clinical Director of the respiratory directorate at MFT. She

performed a PhD and published her work looking at the cellular interactions and

signalling in response to infection and air pollution. She is the principal investigator

on a number of clinical research trials in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) and

is the UK Chief Investigator of a major clinical trial on progressive ILDs. She is

also co-applicant for a British Lung foundation grant for a study in Sarcoidosis. Dr

Chaudhuri has published her experience in prescribing antifibrotics and delivering

MDT care and has presented over 30 abstracts pertaining to IPF, antifibrotics and

the importance of a multi-disciplinary team approach at all major respiratory

conferences. She is a member of the British Thoracic Society (BTS) lung registry

steering group for the BTS sarcoid and IPF registry.

Anjali Crawshaw completed her undergraduate training at the University of

Oxford. She completed higher specialist training in Respiratory and General

Internal Medicine via Melbourne, Leicester and Oxford. She completed subspecialty

training in interstitial lung disease, TB and cystic fibrosis. She has a strong interest

in education and training and completed a research MSc in Medical Education

at UCL in 2010. She was awarded a Wellcome Trust Clinical Training Fellowship

and subsequently a DPhil from the University of Oxford in 2014 for research

examining dysregulation of innate immune pathways in sarcoidosis. Anjali

Crawshaw was appointed as a Consultant Respiratory Physician at University

Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust in 2017. She looks after patients with

a broad range of interstitial lung diseases including idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis,

hypersensitivity pneumonitis and connective tissue disease-associated ILD. She

leads a regional multidisciplinary sarcoidosis service.

Dr Rebecca Duerden currently working at Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester

University Foundation Trust since 2014, as a specialist Thoracic radiologist,

with interests including interstitial lung disease, asthma, emphysema, thoracic

oncology and interventional thoracic radiology. Previously a consultant at Bristol

Royal Infirmary from 2009 to 2014, covering tertiary level thoracic imaging

and intervention, and cardiac imaging, including GUCH MDT radiology lead for

quaternary services to the South West.

Dr Ian Forrest is a Consultant Respiratory Physician at the Royal Victoria Infirmary,

Newcastle upon Tyne. He established the Newcastle Interstitial Lung Disease

service in 2006 and is one of three ILD Consultants in the team. As ILD lead, Ian has

an active interest in clinical research including GORD, ILD pulmonary rehabilitation

and palliative care in ILD. He is the Training Programme Director for Respiratory

Medicine in the Northern Region.

Dr Melanie Greaves performed a one-year fellowship in Thoracic Imaging at

the University of California at Los Angeles followed by one year as an Assistant

Professor of Thoracic Imaging at the same institution. She was a consultant

in Thoracic Imaging at North Staffs for two years until taking up her current

cardiothoracic post at South Manchester in 1998. She is the principal author of

many papers and book chapters on thoracic imaging and regularly is a national

lecturer in the subject. She has a Special interest in interstitial lung diseases and

has been the principle radiologist for the ILD MDT at MFT since 1998.

Dr Sahena Haque is a consultant rheumatologist and Director of Postgraduate

Medical Education at Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester University Foundation

Trust. She graduated from the University of Liverpool in 1999 and completed a

PhD in atherosclerosis in SLE at the University of Manchester in 2010. She runs an

MSc module in CTD and Vasculitis at the University of Manchester and leads on the

vasculitis service at Wythenshawe Hospital undertaking with combined clinics with 

respiratory and renal colleagues.

Dr Simon Hart graduated from Edinburgh University and trained in respiratory

and general medicine in Edinburgh, Fife, and Borders. He has a PhD in neutrophil

and macrophage biology in the MRC Centre for Inflammation Research, followed by

an MRC Clinician Scientist fellowship. He is the lead clinician for the Hull Interstitial

Lung Disease service since 2008. His research focuses on the biology of pulmonary

fibrosis and sarcoidosis

Dr Jenny Hoyle developed the Occupational Lung Disease service at North

Manchester General Hospital 1994, which is now one of the largest units in the

UK. She is Occupational Lung Disease Lead for The Northern Care Alliance, an

Honorary Lecturer in Occupational and Environmental Lung Disease at Manchester

University and is a member of the Surveillance of Work-related Occupational

Respiratory Disease committee (SWORD) at Manchester University. Dr Hoyle is a

member of the British Thoracic Society SAG, Group of Occupational Respiratory

Disease Specialists UK and European Respiratory Society Occupational Group,

having lectured both nationally and internationally for these groups and has

multiple publications in the field of Occupational Lung Disease including book

chapters. From July 2018 Dr Hoyle has been the Clinical Respiratory Lead for the

Greater Manchester Strategic Network and hospitals (Theme 3).

Dr Rachel Hoyles leads the regional specialist ILD Service at Oxford University

Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. She has a clinical and academic interest in

connective tissue disease-associated ILD, having completed a clinical and

translational PhD project investigating the role of lung injury in sclerodermaassociated

lung fibrosis. She has published one of few multi-centre RCTs in

scleroderma-associated pulmonary fibrosis and is local PI for multinational

pharmaceutical and physician-led IPF, CTD-ILD and RA-ILD trials. She has active

research interests in CTD-ILD and clinical outcomes in IPF.

Dr Klaus Irion is a Consultant Chest Radiologist and Co-Lead of the Thoracic

Imaging team at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and Honorary

Professor of Thoracic Imaging at the University of Manchester. He graduated

in Brazil in 1987, working as a consultant chest radiologist at the Pavilhao

Pereira Filho of Santa Casa de Porto Alegre until 2003, when he moved to the

UK. Has completed his doctorate in respiratory medicine in 2000 and has an

extensive list of publications with co-authorship in more than 150 papers in peerreviewed

medical journals, over 30 collaborations in book chapters and over 250

presentations as a guest speaker in National and International meetings. He is

a member of the editorial board of the Brazilian Journal of Radiology, Revista

Brasileira de Pneumologia, the Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging and others.

He is also reviewer to several radiological journals, worldwide. His main interests

are imaging in diffuse lung disease, lung cancer and COPD.

Dr Simon Johnson is Professor and Head of Respiratory Medicine at the University

of Nottingham. His research group work on proteolytic mechanisms in lung

remodelling. Dr Johnson is Director of the National Centre for LAM and an ILD

and CTD-ILD physician.

Dr Colm Leonard is Consultant Clinical Adviser to NICE & Consultant Thoracic

Physician/Honorary Senior Lecturer, Manchester University NHS FT. Dr Leonard has

been part-seconded to NICE as a Consultant Clinical Adviser to the topic selection

team for technology appraisals and Medtech innovation briefings. Dr Leonard

spends 50% of his time in clinical work looking after patients with severe lung

disease, and chairs his hospital’s medicines optimisation committee and sits on the

Greater Manchester Medicines Strategy Board, and is an Honorary Clinical Senior

Lecturer at the University of Manchester.

Dr George Margaritopoulos is a Consultant in Respiratory Medicine with a special

interest in ILDs. Currently, he works in the Manchester University NHS FT. He

graduated from the Medical School of the University of Pavia (Italy), he completed

his training in respiratory medicine in the University Hospital of Heraklio (Crete,

Greece) and received his PhD from the Medical School of the University of Crete

(Greece). He was the recipient of two ERS Fellowships, a short-term in 2008 and a

long term in 2010 (Host Institute: ILD Unit, Royal Brompton Hospital, London, UK).

Dr Margaritopoulos’ research interest is focused on ILDs and has published more

than 50 articles in peer-reviewed journals and has received three research grants

from the Greek Thoracic Society. He has been invited as a speaker in national and

international meetings and has acted as co-chair in various sessions in the annual

ERS congress.

Dr Maria Molina-Molina is a Respiratory Consultant and clinical lead in the ILD

unit of Bellvitge University Hospital (Barcelona, Spain) since 2008. Dr. Molina-Molina

is a world expert in familial ILDs and has extensive research and publications within

this field. Dr. Molina-Molina has five publications in international indexed journals

related to familial pulmonary fibrosis and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF)

associated with telomere shortening. Dr. Molina-Molina is the Spanish lead in the

European Respiratory Society Pan-European IPF Registry and Biobank (ARIANE-IPF


Dr Angeles Montero-Fernandez qualified in Madrid (1987), specialized in Anatomic

Pathology (1993) and PhD from the Autonomous University in Barcelona (2009).

She was responsible for the implementation of the first accredited Cytology

Department in Spain at a primary care centre in Barcelona (ISO 9001) in 2001. She

has Fellowships in Forensic autopsy in the Royal Infirmary Hospital in Manchester,

UK (2002) and Thoracic pathology in Mayo Clinic, Arizona, USA, with Professor

Thomas V. Colby and Kevin O. Leslie (2009 and 2010). She has worked as Senior

Consultant Histopathologist in Vall d´Hebron University Hospitals (2004-2012),

Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust Foundation, London and Honorary Senior

Lecturer in Imperial College and Currently is working at Manchester University

Hospital as Cardiothoracic Consultant Histopathologist. She has published 35

articles in peer-review journals.

Dr Elisabetta Renzoni was trained in Respiratory Medicine at the University of

Siena, Italy. In 1999, she was awarded a European Respiratory Society research

fellowship to work at the Royal Brompton ILD Unit. In 2006, she was appointed

Consultant Physician at the Royal Brompton Hospital, and Honorary Senior

Lecturer, Imperial College. In 2008, she was awarded a PhD from Imperial College

London. Dr Renzoni is an ILD specialist, and her clinical interests include connective

tissue disease-associated lung involvement, idiopathic interstitial pneumonias,

sarcoidosis, hypersensitivity pneumonitis and pulmonary vasculitis. Her research

interests include translational and clinical research in pulmonary fibrosis. Dr

Renzoni has led a multi-center randomized controlled clinical trial in collaboration

with Aintree University and North Bristol ILD service, to study the effects of

supplemental oxygen on quality of life in fibrotic lung diseases (NCT02286063),

which has now been completed, with the manuscript describing main results

published recently in the Lancet Respiratory Medicine. She leads a prospective

study (NCT02136394) on the role of gastro-oesophageal reflux in pulmonary

fibrosis in scleroderma, funded by the Scleroderma & Raynaud’s UK. Dr Renzoni

is a coinvestigator on a project aiming to develop an integrated staging system

based on clinical and biomolecular markers for systemic sclerosis-associated lung

disease (Arthritis and Research UK research). Dr Renzoni regularly acts as an expert

reviewer for research grant proposals and respiratory/rheumatology journals and

is frequently invited to speak/chair scientific sessions at national and international

meetings. She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She is an Associate

Editor for Respirology. She currently chairs the European Respiratory Society

CTD-ILD group.

Dr Pilar Rivera-Ortega is a Respiratory Consultant with expertise in interstitial

lung diseases (ILD), who works in the ILD unit of Wythenshawe Hospital since April

2018, for Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust. Dr Rivera-Ortega has spent

three years as a clinical fellow and training as a specialist in ILD with Dr. Maria

Molina-Molina at Bellvitge University Hospital (Barcelona, Spain). Since November

2016, she is the coordinator of the emerging Spanish ILD group (GEEPID-SEPAR). Dr

Rivera-Ortega has previous experience in telomeropathies and developing a rapid

circuit for assessment of ILDs.

Dr Lisa Spencer is a Consultant Respiratory Physician at Aintree Hospital in

Liverpool. She set up and leads the Regional Liverpool Interstitial Lung Disease

Service. Lisa is the current Honorary Secretary for the British Thoracic Society

(BTS), Chairs the BTS ILD Registry Committee and is the member representing ILD

services on the Respiratory Specialised Clinical Reference Group (CRG). The CRG

interfaces with NHS England to oversee and improve national respiratory specialist

services. She was an invited clinical expert on the NICE single technology appraisal

for pirfenidone and the NICE selection topic committee for nintedanib. Lisa has

over 15 years experience in specialised ILD services, ILD clinical trials and research

studies. In the past she was seconded to be Clinical Director of Acute Medicine

in her trust for 18 months to oversee a period of massive transformation but

thankfully returned to respiratory medicine tired, but relatively unscathed! She also

spent 5 years as a Royal College of Physicians Tutor.

Professor Athol Wells trained at Green Lane Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand.

He then came to Royal Brompton Hospital in 1989 for his post-graduate studies.

Professor Wells speaks around the world at major conferences, including the

American Thoracic Society and European Respiratory Society. He sits on the

American Thoracic Society and European Respiratory Society group revising

idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis guidelines.



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Chicago Avenue, Manchester, M90 3RA

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